Who we are

Who we are

A Fashion Journey, from India to Italy

Mangit is a name that comes from far away.

It comes from Punjab, a rich and luxuriant area located in North-West India, close to the endless mountains of Himalaya. A land where nature grows free and green, nourished by the waters of five different rivers.

Here, among stretches of wheat, ancient forests, and historical buildings, we had the idea to start Mangit Collection, a selection of fine dresses for female fashion that combine exotic charm and Italian design.

Traveling around Punjab and other regions of India, village after village, we met extraordinary local craftsmen, and we had the chance to study how they weave wool, cotton, silk, and cashmere, using traditional techniques that truly respect the raw material.

We treasure these experiences as a precious gift that we decided to bring to Italy with us.

Mangit Collection was born where these two ancient cultures meet. It involves a unique idea of fashion, a union between the artisan traditions from small Indian towns and the Made-in-Italy tailoring and design. It’s a colorful and vivid burst of exotic, hand-made elegance. And the name Mangit itself is a promise of style. 

It is in fact a personal name that arrived in Punjab after a centuries-long journey. They say it comes from Arabic language and from trade deals that took place a thousand years ago in the heart of Asia between the two great empires. In English, Mangit means “the one who conquers the mind and the heart of other people”.

A name that embodies the character, strength, charm, and charisma of someone who knows how to seduce others. The same passionate and intriguing spirit you can find in every look designed by Mangit Collection.

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