About Us

About Us

Mangit Collection is not only a brand, it is a journey into elegance from India to Italy.

Mangit Collection wants to dress the most elegant women with clothes made of prestigious indian fabrics but contaminated by the sophisticated italian design. A unique fashion idea that combines the ancient artisan traditions of Indian villages with the Italian sartorial vision. An explosion of refined hand-crafted patterns of exotic elegance.

You can come explore the Mangit Collection word in 3 exclusive boutiques, two in Milan and 1 in Tuscany, at Castiglione della Pescaia.

Inside our boutiques, you will discover a selection of colorful garments, that combines oriental charm and italian quality. Starting from accessorieslike bags and scarves, we also make piece of clothing like jackets, shirts, dresses and trousers, all made of prestigious materials: 100% cashmere, wool and cotton, but also velvet and silk.

Mangit Collection is a synonim of experience, quality and elegancefeatures that you will be able to find in each one of our products. Mangit Collection is chosen by women who want to stand out with elegance, and dress accordingly.

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